Thursday, December 3, 2009

1Malaysia for a much-needed change

The International Day of Disabled Persons - the same annual day for people with disability which if I remember it correctly went by a different other name last year - is making its round again today. But by any which name the United Nation fancies it, the aim of the Day has been consistent throughout since its inauguration back in the early 90s, that is mainly to promote better understanding on disability issues, rights of the disabled persons and all that same old same old.

In our country the National level do will be held on the 5th, with the Malaysia Association of the Blind getting the honour to host the event this time around, and again my bet is that its gonna be yet another same old same old.

Everything’s foreseeable.

Speeches by the big shots will be filled with long and scripted sweet promises regardless of whether they had the audience all glued. Then everybody applauds and once the shindig’s over its back to square one.

You can’t blame me for sounding bitter but since the celebration last year (and the previous years) even some simple wishes have yet to be fulfilled.

To elaborate will make this piece sound like a broken record. After all Its the usual issues, you know; Transportation, accessibility, job opportunity and all the disparity in seeking the elusive break that is long overdue.

Maybe there’s some improvement in some sense or another, and I am not going to deny it and give people the impression I’m one ungrateful OKU but when progress is at a snail’s pace, and after decades of waiting at that, the older OKU generation may not live to witness the progress they had fought for over the years.

A significant change has to start now. Not December 3 2010 but now.

I don’t know how the ground-breaking work is gonna be like but the much talked-about concept of 1malaysia may just provide the tool to pull us out of the mud.

Our Prime Minister, the man behind the idea has to personally ensure his brand of governance benefits everyone, that even if a single Malaysian soul being left out will the campaign be considered a dud.

Maybe a little too much for an asking but roping in the disabled community in future development blue-prints IS what the concept partly about.

It is after all about acceptance and does not centre on national unity and ethnic tolerance alone, right?

All we’re asking is to be accepted, to feel the sense of belonging and be part of Malaysia’s development, the same development the country has taken our able-bodied counterparts to at a fairly decent pace.

The last time checked the OKU citizens are Malaysians too, hence our entitlement to some piece of the action, and ultimately sharing the cake.

Failing which, the International Day for the Disabled or whatever it is called nowadays will have a similar story year in year out and It’s gonna be like totally un-1Malaysia if that continues.


Anonymous said...

lama tak timbul kerp?

anyway good artikel geng, lagi2 sempena hari OKU nih...kita tak mintak sembarangan, sekadar hak kita yang termaktub dalam akta oku. susah sangat ker?


Water Lily said...

Akak pun tak minta apa. sudah jemu jadi pengemis.

Adakah patut,pergi temuduga hanya diletakkan dalam status calon simpanan. Sedangkan umur akak ni dah 40.Baik kau gaglkan saja temuduga tu wahai yang sgt2 "prihatin"

Pi Bani said...

Biasalah Kerp, menabur janji lebih mudah dari melaksana.

Selamat menyambut Hari OKU (or whatever you call it in Malay) and don't forget to eat some meehoon goreng while at it ok? ;)

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


Ia akan jadi senang kalau ada media massa buat liputan dalam satu2 upacara mesra bersama rakyat. lagi tersenyum lebar kalau ada rakyat OKU.

Mak Mar!

mmg tak patut kak, tapi macam hamdi kata, kita bukan minta sembarangan. Kita ada hak sebagai rakyat Malaysia. contohnya jika keperluan asas orang kurang upaya tidak disediakan, kita ada hak utk demand EPC dinaikkan setidak-tidaknya 100%. bak kata org politik, duit royalty...hehe...

Kak Pi,

thanks Kak. and maybe Malaysia should just stick to calling the day as Hari OKU. apparently the UN themselves arent sure what name to stick with.

* no mee hoon for this year. I'll just show my face and when the speech is on i'll leave...hehe...

Achilles said...

Kerpie: Welcome back bro.
Anyway, this is the Malaysian Govt's idea of solving a problem Singing one song and then having one big kenduri in honour of the cause and get loads of media publicity and of course hope that the private sector will do something.

You all should do a mass exodus and leave when the speeches start. Hopefully that will help to drive the message into their heads that you do not appreciate their "Lip Service"

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

yo raj,

thanks man.

It can only work if every single oku thinks alike. and most welfare homes are sucking up to the welfare dprtment, who in turn to the ministry. independent thoughts in a way are discouraged. but good suggestion nonetheless...haha...

anfield devotee said...

Actually, instead of just walking out, maybe you should inculcate the rest of the attendees with a bit of yer PUNK SPIRIT & fooking heckle the VVIP.



Janji Kosong!!!!

etc etc

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

i was thinking more the Homer way;



AbGJaS said...

Hi Kerp,
Not the first time reading your blog but first time to give comment..

I'm a wheelchair-bound too. You know what, recently i bought an ATV (u should try one, this vehicle is perfectly for people like us!!). It cost me about RM20k and it's on-road type (not off-road).

I took it to JPJ to get it registered, hoping i can use it on the road legally.

and those JPJ officers had this to say:
"sorry, we cannot register your atv because it is NOT IN THE SYSTEM"

Perhaps, our very own existence is not in the(ir) system... hahaha!!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Salam AbgJas,

Reading your predicament it didnt really surprise me. The authority has not been a good help throughout these years and with such attitude (in your case the JPJ's) i can foresee thats not about to change anytime soon.

These people only make things difficult. I mean, if quadbikes are not in the system, get it right in! Susah sngt ke, ATV's a perfect form of vehicle for people like us, on and off the road!

Thanks for your visit sir. Would love to check out your 4-wheeler.

for a start lets get connected.