Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Young Tigers to the fore

Watching a football game – this time much closer to home- last nihgt, finally in many many years that I felt our (under 23) national team has the right attitude to land us the elusive SEA Games gold medal that’s been missing from the FAM’s cabinet exactly over two decades ago.

Laos 1 Malaysia 3.

It may be a false hope yet but being a closet fan of the national team’s for a while now, the joy’s too overwhelming to keep my emotions from bursting out.

The fans have waited way too long for somethign encouraging to be produced by the national side.

I remember the last time the gold medal went to us was in 1989, soundly beating our tiny neighbours down south 3 goals to 1. Some of the country’s great players, Lim Tiong Kim, Dollah Salleh, K Rajagopal and to a lesser extent a certain Shebby Singh, they were all part of the team.

Heck even the legendary Zainal Abidin Hassan, with his trademark afro hairdo – that easily beats Marouane Fellaini’s any day – played a crucial role in that year’s SEA games fruitful campaign.

The win was such a great deal to all Malaysians that public holiday was even announced the next day.

Of course I don’t expect another holiday beckons – purely a reason I’m no longer schooling- but with expectations running high, our players must by all means, perform to their utmost best for a better chance of not letting this golden opportunity from slipping away.

So bring on Vietnam.

Our Young Tigers should be up to the challenge, as long they keep their gentel skill to a minimal.


Achilles said...

Kerp: I hope they announce a public holiday lah... since there will be no work for me too. yahoooo.

Sometimes working is like school... the small things still make us excited. :-)

Anonymous said...

bro Kerp...aku pun layan perlawanan tersebut. Aku juga positif tapi banyak lagi yang perlu diusahakan sebelum boleh kita bandingkan dengan pasukan negara thn 1989.


Kerp (Ph.D) said...


eh i totally forgotten abt the holiday. for those working in selangor its 4 weekends on the trot with an extra day off.


aku tak compare but macam lu gua positive that something is finally looking up in our national football camp. Khamis jam 6 ptg kita tunggu depan tv, mesti ada live telecast kot.

Pi Bani said...

Engko pun sama menendang & buat diving save ke masa tengok live telecast tu? ;)

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

menendang apanya Kak Pi, nak nguit jari pon takleh...hahaha...tapi kdg2 bila time spasm kuat tinggi gak kaki naik...serious. try wiki spam kalo akak tak tau apa benda spasm tu.

anfield devotee said...

Own goal or not, janji menang eh . . .

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

ya la, janji goal, ultomately gold.